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Checking in with foursquare at Duke

Explore. Connect. Discover.

The Class of 2015 are doing many of the same things as Duke students before them. Dropping and adding classes online. Getting to know their roommates. Making new friends. Exploring their community. But this year, new students are using a new resource to help them learn about the campus, a location-based mobile application called foursquare.

Foursquare allows users to “check in” at venues all around campus and to post reviews, images and tips. Users can also see which of their friends are nearby and find new friends who might be using foursquare as well.

It’s the perfect tool for a campus environment.

Duke is doing some fun things with foursquare this year. Student Affairs has added archived black and white images to “venue pages” for places such as Perkins LIbrary and the Bryan Center to show what they looked like more than 50 years ago. It is also working with Duke Dining and Durham eateries to continue to add coupons and specials for their establishments. Also, e-printers across campus are included in Duke’s list of locations, allowing new students to easily find the closest place to print out a paper or homework assignment.

So, as you walk across campus and see “check in here” stickers in building windows, I encourage you to do just that…or, if you don’t see a venue listed, add your location to our DukeU foursquare account!