Social Media 2013: Internet users who use social networking tools

The folks over at Pew Research Centre recently compiled their annual research on the demographics behind social media users on different platforms.

The infographic below (courtesy of Adweek) takes Pew’s data and displays it in a nice visual, including these key takeaways:

  • Women are five times more than men to use Pinterest
  • City dwellers are significantly more likely to use Twitter than rural residents
  • Black people and hispanics are more likely to use Instagram than white people
  • The 18-29 year-old demographic is more likely to use Instagram than Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr


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  1. I really liked the infographic that the Pew Research Center compiled! Social media continues to grow in its influence and its ability to affect ranking factors in Search Engines. One trending topic in Online Marketing seems to be the ability to get traffic through these social media sources. Pinterest has been one of the huge sources that many have begun to use. Very interesting to that woman are 5 times more likely to use Pinterest than men! Many have assumed a bias, but it is good to see it in a demographic specific graphic. Thanks so much for sharing it!

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