Simple Tips for Marketing Yourself

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Social media has advanced the impact and reachability of messages – whether verbal, written, or visual – minimizing limitations on communication. It is an integral part of billions of people’s lives and has reshaped the way that we view ourselves and others.

Businesses, in particular, use social platforms to maintain their image and promote their products, and though we mainly associate marketing with said businesses, we also have the potential to market ourselves as individuals. 

One fundamental idea of social media is that, in most cases, we can be selective with what to and what not to share. In other words, we can take the time to really think about and refine what we post and choose whether we post at all. This gives us a certain power: to create the image ourselves that we wish.

Of course, you should stay true to yourself, keeping in mind that your social media is an extension of who you are. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can be just as critical as LinkedIn.

Here are few simple tips to get started or further develop:

  • Routinely introspect to determine whether your social media reflects who you are presently
  • Be selective with your words and images
  • Think of your social media as an extension of your resume
  • Stay true to yourself, but align your image with the group(s) that you are trying to “market” yourself to
  • Understand that different platforms attract different audiences; therefore, what you post should vary from one platform to another
  • Remember that social media is a tool beyond entertainment

Personal branding and maintaining an online identity can play a key role in professional development. When done right, you can set yourself apart from a sea of others!

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