Searching for Answers with Duke Communicators

In our most recent Duke Communicators meeting, we talked search. I presented with Leon Malahias and Blyth Morrell on search engine optimization and we talked about ways we can build Duke websites to get the most eyeballs on our content.

We provided an overview of search engines, described what affects search results, clarified paid versus “organic” searches and shared tips about how to improve rankings for Duke sites. The presentation was more show than tell, and featured a hands-on session where we went over how to build Google Authorship and identify the best keywords for content.

Here’s a link to our presentation with all of the code and resources we covered in the program. Save the date for our next program on mobile technology on December 11 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. The location will be Westbrook 0014 and we look forward to a great conversation and an update on Duke’s mobile landscape.

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