Managing A Social Media Presence – Weeks 3 & 4

As part of the Duke ProComm professional development program, Cara and I teach a course titled “Managing A Social Media Presence.” We teach staff how to identify the right channels, voice/tone and approach for an integrated social media plan. By the end of the course, participants leave with a finalized social media strategy and a better understanding of tools and online applications. We’ll be sharing course readings here for the next few weeks.


Measuring Return on Investment in Higher Ed Social Media

When talking about social media analytics, questions pertaining to ROI (return on investment) usually come up: How do we measure success and what are the numbers that really matter? I contributed to a conversation on this topic with our peers at other universities.


 Universities To Follow On Snapchat

If you’re curious about how our peers at other universities are using Snapchat, check out these schools:

University of Florida (Account Name: uf1853)

University of Michigan (Account Name: uofmichigan

Princeton University (Account Name: PrincetonU)


Four Things Students Tell Us About Social Media In 2016

We invited Duke students for a great conversation on how they use social media.


Inexpensive Equipment for Social Media Photo & Video

We know that some of you are operating as one-man/woman shops and doing what you can with social media photography and videography based on your available resources. Sonja pulled together a quick shopping list of inexpensive items for your photo and video kit to raise your game without busting your budget.


Sonja Foust’s Essential Guide to Video Marketing at Duke


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