Managing A Social Media Presence – Week 1

As part of the Duke ProComm professional development program, Cara and I teach a course titled “Managing A Social Media Presence.” We teach staff how to identify the right channels, voice/tone and approach for an integrated social media plan. By the end of the course, participants leave with a finalized social media strategy and a better understanding of tools and online applications. We’ll be sharing course readings here for the next few weeks.



ICYMI This week, we talked about the giant of social media – Facebook. Here’s some additional reading to look over before next week’s class:


Here’s How Facebook’s News Feed Actually Works

TIME Magazine gives a brief history of how a controversial Facebook feature, the News Feed Algorithm, grew into one of the most influential products on the Internet. Researchers say that, as Facebook’s News Feed gets smarter and we spend more time interacting with it, its impact on the average person will likely come under increasing scrutiny.


Latest Facebook News Feed Algorithm Tweak: High Ratings and Likely Engagement

With its latest tweak to the News Feed Algorithm, Facebook hopes to understand what types of posts its users find interesting – enough if they’re not liking, commenting or clicking on them.


Facebook Page Messaging

The Facebook Help Center has a FAQ page that might be helpful to those of you who receive private messages on your Facebook pages.


Here’s How To Use Facebook’s Mystifying Privacy Settings

Despite sitting on vast gold mines of users’ personal data, Facebook tries to be transparent in how much of your information it shares. However, Facebook is still in the business of data collection, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.


Facebook Pages Manager App for iOS

This was mentioned in class. Just thought I’d share the download link.


Sharing Video On Facebook

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  1. These are really helpful points for Facebook marketing. I do agree that sharing videos on Facebook effect big time on marketing, never thought that the results are between 5 to 20 times better than Youtube video link! Do you offer this course online so people can enrol?

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