The Duke Alumni Association leads major social events on campus each year, such as homecoming and reunions, organizes travel and learning programs across the country and around the world, and helps alumni stay connected to one another through an online directory, powerful career networking tools and other resources.


Part of the Duke Libraries, the University Archives collects, preserves, and encourages research on Duke’s history.

Duke Arts works to realize the University’s strategic plan initiatives in the arts at Duke and in the community, and raise the profile of the arts campus-wide.


The official source for Duke University Blue Devils Athletics and Sports Information.


Collaborative interdisciplinary research tackling complex societal challenges


The Duke University Career Center engages graduate and undergraduate students and alumni in discovering and determining what is meaningful and valuable in their lives and applying this to careers. We provide guidance throughout this ongoing, intentional process and encourage opportunities for exploring the intersection of our students’ education, values, goals, skills, and reflection on experiences to identify and realize their aspirations, both at Duke and after.


The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University teaches, presents and produces the documentary arts.

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The Duke Center for International Development (DCID), a unit within Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, advances international development policy and practice through interdisciplinary approaches to post-graduate education, mid-career training, international advising and research. Its faculty and staff continuously strive to create programs that meet the specific needs of each client and student.


The Department of Computer Science at Duke University excels in research, teaching, and learning in computer science, and engages with the broader community at Duke, in Research Triangle Park, and beyond.


The Department of Medicine is the largest of 23 departments in the Duke University School of Medicine. The Department drives world-class clinical and academic research at Duke and beyond. From G protein-coupled receptors to cancer care to kidney research to lung transplants and aging, our faculty are focused on finding new discoveries and improving patient care.

Duke Dining provides an innovative, world-class, and cutting edge dining program with over 50 locations offering a variety of menus that include nutritious, vegan, vegetarian, allergen-friendly, organic, local and sustainable choices.

Duke Divinity School’s approach to theological education combines excellence in scholarship with a strong commitment to the church.


Every day we meet brave children and their families who are in need of hope, answers, and — above all — outstanding medical care. We are inspired by their strength and courage and are passionate in our commitment to ensuring our patients and their families receive the best possible care in a warm, child- and family-friendly atmosphere.


Interdisciplinary institute connecting brain science researchers across departments – both conventional (e.g. neurobiology; psychology; etc.) and innovative (e.g. art; romance studies)


Duke Kunshan University is committed to building a world-class liberal arts university that offers a broad range of high-quality, innovative academic programs. It was established as a partnership between Duke University in the United States and China’s Wuhan University.

Where we learn everything we can about these endangered animals, so we can do everything possible to protect them.



News, events, updates and edifying information from the center of intellectual life at Duke.


Duke Magazine provides insights into the complex arena of higher education, offering our readers a nuanced understanding of the ever-changing life of Duke University and its place in the world.

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