The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences is an interdisciplinary leader in brain and behavioral health. We seek to provide the best available care to patients and their families, while advancing science to improve mental health on a global scale and equipping our 70+ trainees to lead the future of behavioral health care.


The most specialized imaging technology, therapies, physicians, and staff all working to Advance Health Together.


The mission of Duke Recreation & Physical Education is to provide exceptional and diverse opportunities that promote healthy active lifestyles in a safe, inclusive environment.


Bringing researchers together to advance discoveries, translational research, and therapy development via regeneration


The ScholarWorks Center for Scholarly Publishing helps Duke researchers to make scholarly publishing better: more sustainable, fair, and open. Our focus is particularly on how to help the Duke community to benefit from changes in scholarly publishing and to help them in turn to create positive change in the broader publishing ecosystem.


Educating the next generation of transformational leaders in nursing.


The Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility is a center of research in the Pratt School of Engineering.


There has been a Department of Sociology at Duke University for more than 75 years. Our world-renowned faculty build on the discipline’s classic foci, while also pursuing state-of-the-art developments in areas such as computational social science, the demography of health, economic sociology, and culture and cognition. We embrace sociology’s core interest in social institutions, paying particular attention to hierarchies of race, class, and gender within them. Research and teaching in the department emphasizes the interplay between institutions and social change, social inequality, and community structure.

Legislative affairs and state relations for Duke University, Duke Health, and Duke LifePoint Health Care.

The Department of Surgery at Duke University is built upon the foundation of academic distinction, first-rate leadership by world-renowned surgeons, and cutting-edge research.


The NCTSN’s mission is to raise the standard of care and improve access to services for traumatized children, their families, and communities across the United States.

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Working@Duke tells the amazing story of the Duke workforce and connects all staff and faculty with campus happenings; employee benefits, services and resources; and other useful news and information for work and life at Duke.

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