Duke Law School is an ambitious and innovative institution whose mission is to prepare students for responsible and productive lives in the legal profession by providing a rigorous legal education within a collaborative, supportive, and diverse environment.


Duke CTSI TransPop manages the MURDOCK Study and other clinical research projects based at Duke-Kannapolis.


The behind-the-scenes facilitator for faculty, students and staff as they
pursue the academic goals of Duke University.


A vibrant teaching and research institution at Duke University focused on exploring the frontiers of engineering.


The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences is an interdisciplinary leader in brain and behavioral health. We seek to provide the best available care to patients and their families, while advancing science to improve mental health on a global scale and equipping our 70+ trainees to lead the future of behavioral health care.


Educating the next generation of transformational leaders in nursing.


There has been a Department of Sociology at Duke University for more than 75 years. Our world-renowned faculty build on the discipline’s classic foci, while also pursuing state-of-the-art developments in areas such as computational social science, the demography of health, economic sociology, and culture and cognition. We embrace sociology’s core interest in social institutions, paying particular attention to hierarchies of race, class, and gender within them. Research and teaching in the department emphasizes the interplay between institutions and social change, social inequality, and community structure.


A feed curated by Duke’s Program Director of Humanities Advising. Features news, opportunities and connections for arts & humanities students, staff and faculty.


Fostering innovations in research, pedagogy and community engagement across disciplines


The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) is the world’s largest academic research organization, specializing in groundbreaking multinational clinical trials, major national patient registries, and landmark outcomes research. From thought leadership to clinical practice, we craft the right approach for today while advancing the science of tomorrow.

Duke University Press supports scholars in doing what they are passionate about: learning, teaching, and effecting positive change in the world. Each year we publish about 130 new books, more than 50 journals, and multiple digital collections that transform current thinking and move fields forward.

The Department of Surgery at Duke University is built upon the foundation of academic distinction, first-rate leadership by world-renowned surgeons, and cutting-edge research.


Researchers at the CAH develop, design, and apply cutting-edge behavioral insights that help people be happier, healthier, and wealthier.

Duke University’s central IT department

The Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility is a center of research in the Pratt School of Engineering.


Duke’s World Food Policy Center aims to catalyze food research, food security policy, promote sustainable agriculture, and impact diet-related disease.

Our mission is to produce integrated multi-omics and physiologic profiles of chronic human diseases, and to use such profiles to develop new disease detection strategies, novel therapies, and insights into disease mechanisms.
Duke Health Government Relations (DGR) is responsible for representing Duke on health related issues with elected officials and government agencies at the federal level in Washington, D.C. and throughout North Carolina.
Duke’s oldest and largest laboratory and outdoor classroom. 7,050 acres of Blue Devil land.
Family Connects International disseminates the Family Connects model — an evidence-based, universal approach to supporting newborns and their families.
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