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Collaborative interdisciplinary research tackling complex societal challenges

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The Duke Center for International Development (DCID), a unit within Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, advances international development policy and practice through interdisciplinary approaches to post-graduate education, mid-career training, international advising and research. Its faculty and staff continuously strive to create programs that meet the specific needs of each client and student.


The Department of Computer Science at Duke University excels in research, teaching, and learning in computer science, and engages with the broader community at Duke, in Research Triangle Park, and beyond.


The Department of Medicine is the largest of 23 departments in the Duke University School of Medicine. The Department drives world-class clinical and academic research at Duke and beyond. From G protein-coupled receptors to cancer care to kidney research to lung transplants and aging, our faculty are focused on finding new discoveries and improving patient care.


Interdisciplinary institute connecting brain science researchers across departments – both conventional (e.g. neurobiology; psychology; etc.) and innovative (e.g. art; romance studies)


Duke Kunshan University is committed to building a world-class liberal arts university that offers a broad range of high-quality, innovative academic programs. It was established as a partnership between Duke University in the United States and China’s Wuhan University.

Where we learn everything we can about these endangered animals, so we can do everything possible to protect them.



News, events, updates and edifying information from the center of intellectual life at Duke.


Duke Magazine provides insights into the complex arena of higher education, offering our readers a nuanced understanding of the ever-changing life of Duke University and its place in the world.


The Duke University School of Medicine is Duke University’s medical school operating under the auspices of the Duke University Medical Center.


Duke Performances at Duke University is a performing arts organization
dedicated to presenting the best of today’s forward-thinking artists.


Creating knowledge. Serving society.


The Energy Initiative seeks to advance an affordable, reliable and clean energy system through education, research and engagement.


Faith & Leadership is the online magazine of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, which designs educational services, develops intellectual resources, and facilitates networks of institutions.


The Forum for Scholars & Publics at Duke University is a place where scholars and various publics – local, national, and global – can interact and intersect to generate greater exchange between the university and the broader world.


Fostering collaborative, interdisciplinary humanities research at Duke


The Graduate School is home to 3,500 graduate students across 80-plus Ph.D. and research master’s programs.


The Duke Human Rights Center @ the Franklin Humanities Institute brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars, staff and students to promote new understandings of and action on human rights. We engage with issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, income inequality, the environment, the philosophy and history of human rights, the literature that emerges alongside it, linguistic rights, and artistic responses in our research, teaching, programming and outreach. Our goal is to foster strategies and collaborative, cross-disciplinary and critical thinking about human rights in both local and global contexts.

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