The Duke Alumni Association leads major social events on campus each year, such as homecoming and reunions, organizes travel and learning programs across the country and around the world, and helps alumni stay connected to one another through an online directory, powerful career networking tools and other resources.



Your love of learning didn’t stop when you graduated – and neither did your pursuit of new ideas and inspiration. The Lifelong Learning department within Alumni Engagement is your resource for a lifetime of intellectual stimulation and fulfillment. These educational programs and partnerships keep you informed, enriched and forever learning.


Duke Anesthesiology reflects the comprehensive effort of an exceptional team of anesthesia physicians, nurses, and staff to advance patient care within Duke University Medical Center and the field of medicine at large. Through excellence in physician leadership, research, education, and innovation, we improve perioperative outcomes and establish the very best in patient care.


Spanning research from small molecules to the vast ecosystems, Duke Biology is one the few broad biology departments in the country, home to a top ten graduate program.


Researchers at the CAH develop, design, and apply cutting-edge behavioral insights that help people be happier, healthier, and wealthier.

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The Duke Center for International Development (DCID), a unit within Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, advances international development policy and practice through interdisciplinary approaches to post-graduate education, mid-career training, international advising and research. Its faculty and staff continuously strive to create programs that meet the specific needs of each client and student.


The Department of Computer Science at Duke University excels in research, teaching, and learning in computer science, and engages with the broader community at Duke, in Research Triangle Park, and beyond.


Duke Doctor of Physical Therapy is a division of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in the Duke University School of Medicine. Through excellence in education, clinical practice, and research, our program has gained an international reputation and has consistently been ranked as one of the top physical therapist programs in the country.

Duke’s oldest and largest laboratory and outdoor classroom. 7,050 acres of Blue Devil land.

We work with policymakers, academics, researchers, alumni and the higher education community to advance the intellectual life of the university beyond campus.


Duke Magazine provides insights into the complex arena of higher education, offering our readers a nuanced understanding of the ever-changing life of Duke University and its place in the world.


DukeEngage enables students and faculty to collaborate with communities – locally and globally – to address critical societal needs through an immersive summer of community engagement.

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DCA forges purposeful partnerships with our neighbors to improve health and well-being in our community.


The Energy Initiative seeks to advance an affordable, reliable and clean energy system through education, research and engagement.


Evolutionary anthropology is the study of humankind’s place in nature. Our research revolves around how humans arose from our primate ancestors, how our distinctive attributes came to be, and why, from an evolutionary perspective, we behave the way we do.

Giving to Duke is dedicated to showcasing the power and impact of philanthropy at Duke, and how it enables our students and faculty to make a difference at home and in the world. Thank you for all that you make possible!

Interdisciplinary master’s degree program offering flexible full- and part-time study options.


The Graduate School is home to 3,500 graduate students across 80-plus Ph.D. and research master’s programs.


Interdisciplinary institute connecting brain science researchers across departments – both conventional (e.g. neurobiology; psychology; etc.) and innovative (e.g. art; romance studies)

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