Top 100 Social Media Colleges

Last week, announced the top 100 colleges and universities that are best leveraging social media. “These innovative schools use social media to give students insight into their culture, personality and DNA,” said Dean Tsouvalas Editor-in-Chief of StudentAdvisor, “This is so beneficial for students to determine the right fit beyond college rankings and marketing speak.”

Duke is happy to join some elite company in the top 10. Congratulations to the Duke social media community!

1. Harvard University (No Change)
2. Stanford University (Up 3)
3. Johns Hopkins (down 1)
4. Yale University (Up 11)
5. Duke University (Up 39)
6. Princeton University (Up 10)
7. Full Sail University (Up 12)
8. University of Oregon (Up 3)
9. Ohio State (down 3)
10. LSU (down 2)

Here is a Google+ Hangout revealing the ranking I was invited to participate in to discuss how Duke has upped our social media game over the past 18 months. Enjoy!


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